New look. 
Same commitment. 

Careers matching and research

A licenced core module providing rich research tools and resources for the careers journey. 

Activity recording and tracking tools for careers & enrichment covering Gatsby Benchmarks and SkillsBuilder employability skills.

Careers activity, enrichment, Gatsby & skills

Higher Education and apprenticeship matching and research systemwith support for personal statements and academic references.

University, apprenticeships and beyond

Advanced psychometric profiling

The leading psychometric tools to match individuals to careers, subjects and courses while raising aspirations.

With the world of work changing and students becoming more discerning users of technology we are having a major upgrade.

What to expect

Morrisby products have a hugely improved manager interface and mobile friendly student app. Careers, apprenticeships and courses are all refreshed. A new Careers planning tool and lesson plans are also added.

Keep me in the loop

When will this happen?

Fast Tomato will upgrade to Morrisby Careers in September. You can migrate at any point from then. Tracker and Profile will also be available from September and Higher later in the year.

What do I need to do?

Migrating from your current system will be easy and largely automatic. We will be in touch to help you plan your specific transition. Do sign up below to receive our monthly update newsletter or join one of our webinars. 

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Our new service goes live on 1st September 2020. which will  include brand new products, a completely new design, and new manager and student websites.

For schools and advisers that are keen to find out more about how these changes may affect them, we are delivering a series of short webinar updates which will be between 30 and 45 minutes long and will include the following:

  • An explanation of the new service and product suite
  • A demo of the new Manager site
  • A look at the new products coming soon including the new Tracker module
  • A tour of the new student/candidate website

Webinar dates

Wednesday 8th July 2020 -1pm
Tuesday 21st July 2020 - 10am
Thursday 6th August 2020 - 2pm

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